Nigeria’s Olympic dream team coach Siasia jumps ship

Nigeria’s Olympic dream team coach Siasia jumps ship

Nigeria has done it again. The powers that be have managed to vex yet another one of the country’s national heroes, who has vowed never to have anything to do with the country’s football efforts in the future. Sigh.

Coach Siasia and the dream team captained by Mikel Obi managed to pull off the incredible at the recently concluded Rio Olympic games, given that they had little support from the Nigerian government- funding came in late, logistics was shoddy, and a host of other problems. Yet they returned to the motherland with a bronze from the soccer competition. A testament to a healthy dose of patriotic guts and will power exhibited by team.

Katsuya Takasu, a surgeon from Japan was so impressed by their amazing performance that he rewarded the team with a $390 thousand cash gift! But how did the Nigerian Football Federation honour the team? According to Coach Siasia the NFF is not in the business of honouring its champions.

The NFF seems to have a track record of pissing off Nigerian coaches as others like Sunday Oliseh and the late Stephen Keshi were frustrated out of office in the past.

Maybe the country isn’t ready for professional football. Maybe the football pitches around the country should be turned into food crop plantations. Speaking of which many of the said pitches are in bad shape… but that is a story for another day.

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