How MMMery is Christmas for MMMers?

How MMMery is Christmas for MMMers?


MMM is the new Ponzi scheme taking the Nigerian airwaves by storm. Harbinger of hope and wealth or the threat of bankruptcy and ruin? These crystallize the questions on the minds of subscribers after the management told them recently that the company had frozen their accounts until after the holiday season.

The Ponzi scheme operators have tried to explain this off as a routine procedure to manage excessive withdrawals. But coming on the heels of the government and it’s organs warnings that the entire operation is one big criminal plot, subscribers are feeling more than a little uneasy about the situation.

The sketchy past that fact finders have been able to dig up about the MMM’s creator has not helped the gloomy forecast either. Sergei Mavrodi, the Russian MMM boss, has had his run-ins with the law in Russia over the dealings of the scheme.

Back to what the future holds for the new converts of MMMers in Nigeria. It’s anybody’s guess. Recession and hardship have pushed many into the welcoming hands of this Russian MMMesiah of sorts. Would it end up being the devil clothed in white robes that strikes the death blow?

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