James Ibori released from UK jail

James Ibori released from UK jail

So the prodigal governor is set to return to his homeland. Apparently, the UK justice system is releasing Ex-gov James Ibori early. I guess they want to get rid of him as soon as possible.

In true Nigerian fashion, many are cheering the convicted governor as a hero, preparing for his grand return. It saddens me to think how the moral standards of the country have fallen. How a high ranking public officer can disgrace his country in such a manner and still be praised by the very people he has let down. It is reminiscent of the time when the late Alamieyeseigha, ex-governor of Bayelsa State was pardoned by the government of the day. Also, another Nigerian politician, Bode George, was celebrated like a crown prince when he was released from jail, and a lavish party was thrown in his honor.

They say people get the leaders they deserve. My conclusion is that apples never fall too far from the tree. Nigeria would continue to produce bad leaders because Nigerians allow and celebrate corruption.

As negative as this may sound, I declare “May the suffering continue.” You see if you eat sour grapes your teeth would be set on edge.

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