Donald Trump- you’re fired! Yes the man you just love to hate has been doing what he does best. In his ambition to get to the White house he has been giving anyone who cares to listen an earful, lashing at anyone and everyone along the way who gets in his way. His latest casualty: Megyn Kelly of Fox News. Mr. Trump talks about ‘blood pouring out of her eyes and other parts of her body’. Though he blatantly denies referring to her monthly cycle, many people, including members of his party are outraged. Really Donald? Who would you be able to convince that when you talk about blood pouring out of parts of the female gender you are not referring in anyway to that crimson fountain that colours many a panty every month? The good book says ‘When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.’ So a word to you sir, if you really want to be president someday learn to curb the flow. Nations have gone to war over careless speech before.

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